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woensdag 20 januari 2016

WOYWW 364/346

It was so much fun to read the comments and see that there were so many people visiting my blog the last time i shared my desk with you. So i  decided to share it again. Luckily for me i now have two screens attached to my pc, so now i can check the spelling much easier. And miss google translate is so much fun to listen to.
What i have to show you can be shocking. Or maybe not, cause we're all crafters. We know that our inspiration can only be free if we make a mess while working.

I was watching twitch and if you look closely you can see my tablet on the shelf above my desk. A friend was watching me making a card.

Later today i'm going to visit your desk, but now i need to get ready to go to work and do a little house cleaning. I wish i had a house elf like in the Harry Potter books. That way i can do what i love a lot more. See you again next time, cause i don't think it will be the last time i share my desk with you.
If you have time left and want to see more desks, you can visit Juliaat Stamping Ground.
I need to make a new banner to say bye to my fellow desk watchers. For now i just say till the next desk.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Desk sharing is addictive isnt it? Glad you came back again
    Bridget #1

  2. Krijgen we engelse les?

  3. Looks fun, I like watching programmes while I'm creating too. Take care Zo xx 39

  4. Leuke hobbykamer,Jacquelien.


  5. Hi Jacquelien! Love your kitties! You seem to have a high tech set-up to allow your friend to watch you make a card - how cool is that? Happy WOYWWW! zsuzsa #47

  6. Glad you came back! Wish I had a house elf too. Wonderful desk and nice of you to share your cardmaking with a friend!

    Sharon K #52

  7. Dit is mijn eerste bezoek aan jouw atelier. Wat een gezellige werkkamer heb je.En wat leuk dat je vriendin kan zien wat je doet.

  8. je werkruimte ziet er netjes uit vind ik. Volgende keer ik een wens doe ga ik ook zo'n harry potter elf wensen, goed idee. Of misschien moet ik eerder wensen dat ik in staat zou zijn om de klusjes even te laten liggen en eerst iets doen wat ik graag doe. Vicky#66


Wat leuk dat je bent komen kijken op mijn blog, ik deel graag mijn creaties met andere.

crea Jackie.

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